• gallipienzo-en-la-puerta-de-san-salvador

    Gallipienzo with friends

    TRY ON GOOGLE If you want to find information that is very new, specific , and so on, this website is not the right one for you. If you want to…

  • Vista panorámica de la campana

    Victoriana, in Memoriam

    Victoriana, in Memoriam A journalist named Nerea Alejos wrote about this story in the regional newspaper “Diario de Navarra” on 22 August.   Usually we are looking for stories, that are…

  • Arellano, cabecitas en la torre

    Arellano a charming village at Navarra

     Here we are again! The academic year 2016/17 begins and the blog continues with this entry about our visit to Arellano, which is  just a few kms. away from our last…

  • Dicast Bajando las escaleras


    Dicastillo is a village located at the region of Navarra, not very well known but is well worth visiting. When arriving you can discover a stunning palace from the last years…

  • Grupo ante el altar ( parcial )

    Renaissance and Humanism in Navarra

    Forget about the motorways, forget about being in a hurry and try some little villages of Spain. Today we visited Genevilla, with no more than one hundred people living in it.…

  • TallerNicolasAlba-6

    Nicolás Alba, the craftsman

    Patrimonio para jóvenes is a project focused on helping to discover the hideen places (in terms of art and cultural heritage) from young people, especially for foreign students. And today, her…

  • Todos con vista panorámica de Segovia

    Charming and hidden sites of Segovia

    Around the city of Madrid there are many other very interesting cities well worth visiting in terms of art and cultural heritage. Some of them are World Heritage sites such as…

  • Captura de pantalla 2016-02-03 a la(s) 08.28.19

    Communication with and from Museums

    It was close Christmastime when I received an e -mail from The museum of Navarra, the one I’ve put here at the beginning of the post offering us the opportunity to…