• Bóveda presbiterio San Vicente

    Heritage and oversight

      Sorrounding the city of Pamplona (Navarra, Spain), there is a superb landscape, it is easy to arrive just for a walk during the morning or afternoon, places for relaxing, doing…

  • Cruzando el puente de Aoiz


     Aoiz is a village located half an hour away from the city of Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) by car. It’s a really cute place, though not the most important one in terms of…

  • scaffolding

    The story of a grafitti

    When this project Patrimonio para jovenes began some years ago, I never would have imagined we would sponsor street art, like the graffiti I have the great pleasure to show all…

  • San Gregorio Ost _ Grupo jpg

    At San Gregorio Ostiense

    Great landscape, beautiful sights, ethnography, the Spanish baroque style and its symbology, new people from different countries… we enjoyed all this together during our trip to San Gregorio Ostiense in the…

  • bajando por las calles de Cirauqui

    Having fun on The Way of St James

    Here we are again! A new school year has just begun and the blog as well, (although this year I can not write in it every week).   The way of…

  • moviles_02

    Art is for sharing

    Some time ago, a pupil from the School of Art and Design in Burgos, presented a project called “Prayers” a design workshop based on the distance that mobiles create between young and…


    Why we jumped

      At the beginning of the summer,  on twitter, Cristina Parbole,  sent out a very original invitation on twitter;  Jump around Romanesque art. I appreciate Cristina and proher radio program “La Huella…

  • larraya_02

    Jonathan Vilches, Diocesan Museum of Jaca award

    Every year Patrimonio para jóvenes gives a prize to someone who stands out because of their atitude, questions, participation during our activities. Last year Maria Oderiz was the winner because of…