Streets of Pamplona’s old town

logo-mecnaCities in Europe have their suburbs, neighborhoods, financial areas and so on likecities in USA. But something completely different from cities in North America is the old town, the historical city or Casco Viejo or Antiguo as we say in Spanish. It’s the part of the city that remains as if frozen in time (although with some changes due to today’s needs). That means we can not only see buildings or shops from the 19th and 18th centuries but also structures from the Middle Ages such as cathedrals. All this made these areas so important and uniquely interesting for Historians as well as tourists.

Today you can join us walking through some streets of Pamplona’s Old Town with ANFAS, an association working in care, protection and development of people with different disabilities.

This time we didn’t work young people except the ones working on the “Active Aging Project” and considering their mobility circumstances we visited the old shops of the area. That means, as you can see in the photos, that they have nothing to do with the fashion style of multinational franchises or those whose decoration or products you can find in Madrid or Vienna as well in New York city.

Droguería Ardanaz

Old shops don’t always mean vintage fashion items but rather unique decoration. For example, “Idoate” specializes in silver. Many ears ago, its owner travelled to Barcelona and fell in love with Modernism, the avant-garde at this time, so he wanted to imitate it in his bussines. Marble from Carrara (The part of Italy where Michelangelo had his workshop for his masterpieces), cherry wood and a beautiful gold label are made so lovely and different this shop.

Rótulo Joyería Idoate



Old wineries, drugstores and charming chemistries gives you the opportunity to have a lot of fun during the route.

Tienda de vinos


During the activity “our pupils” had to answer some questions asked in order to help them observe :

What old shops did we know?

What can tip us off about their age?

What does antiquity or old mean in comparison with dirty or neglected?

If we are careful with our belongings they can look nice and cute even if they are old.

We also discussed good maners when shopping; the importance of greeting the shop assistant upon entering and leaving, waiting our turn when other people have arrived before us, showing gratitude before leaving the shop .

It was a cold morning of November so we finnished our tour with a nice coffee at the tipical Cafe Iruña

Interior café Iruña


A big thanks to the shops assistants who helped us in this activity!

Thank you to the workers and volunteers on ANFAS Congratulations on your great job

And thanks to the photographers Alvaro Sesma and Borja Centenera they offer us such charming virws of the city and the wonderful morning for Patrimonio Para Jóvenes with such special and great people!


Don’t forget check out our Christmas video filmed in Ujue by Angela Irañeta available in a few days!

Merry Christmas! See you in January and thanks for the follow!


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