A photo workshop at Pamplona Cathedral

logo-mecna“Stone, Wood and Precious Metal “ was the title of this workshop, focused on Gothic Art in the Cathedral. Some weeks ago, the Culture department of the Government of Navarra published a research monograph about the Gothic in this region. So here is our tribute and appreciation.

For the session I‘ve chosen some masterpieces with two criteria: one being the importance of the masterpiece itself and the other the grade of difficulty in taking the picture. (I had to keep in mind that none of the young people on the team had much photography experience).First we visited the tomb of Carlos III the Noble King and his wife, Leonor; the faces, the vestments, ornaments and the special tearful entourage on the bottom of the tomb. The session was conducted by Professor Juan Cañada, who explained the lighting of this place and how to deal with lights, shadows and colours.

Almudena ante sepulcro

After trying with that, we went to the altarpiece of St. Thomas, made of wood and with poly-chrome painting. Full frame, detail, and difficulties with perspective and brightness were some points explained here.

Fotografiando el retablo

We also shot small details and it was enchanting when each one of us discovered the elegance and preciosity of each character on the altarpiece. Individual faces, clothing, landscape and colours were discovered again for each camera with the unique point of view of each person. Here you have some of mine.

Detalle del retablo de Santo Tomás

Speaking of the cloister, I must say that the cloister of Pamplona’s Cathedral needs a post just for itself. Its importance in the History of Gothic of Art has not been taken for granted and can not be visited in a rush.
So we took pictures only in some parts. As a “Puerta del Amparo” a representation of the death of the Virgin Mary with apostles, angels… a tympanum full of colour and people was in some ways easy to be shot.

Todos ante la puerta del Amparo

In some ways… but not in my experience, I took a very bad one, so here you have a picture of this tympanum from Panoramio

Tímpano de la puerta del amparo

The next point was the Barbazana Chapel where one of the most interesting things is its vault . Here the problem had nothing to do with light but with distance . We also put attention on the corbels .

Bóveda cap barbazana


To finish this session we went into the Exhibition “Occidens” only to visit a small piece but great in terms of beauty: the stunning silversmith reliquary of Saint Sepulcher. A piece we suggested that the museum direction move from its place of exhibition. It deserved to be better seen by the visitors. Another place with different light would be much appreciated. Here you have the picture we took and a picture from a picture where you can appreciate the filigree on the hair of the angel.

Relicario del Sto Sepulcro

Cabeza de angel

If you come to the Cathedral of Pamplona walk, take your time and enjoy! We are waiting for you!

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