An adventure with the mudejar art in Aragon, Spain

Maluenda, Aragon, Spain

Mudéjar is a genuinely Spanish art. There is no other country in the world where you can find it. Mudejars is the name given to the muslims who continued living in the same places after these lands fell under Christian “reconquista”. All kinds of artists continued working  and as a result other styles such as Gothic and Renaissance were enriched with their aesthetic and contributions.


You can find Mudéjar art in different regions of Spain, all of them beautiful, such as the unknown cloister of San Antonio el Real in Segovia, (Castilla y Leon), Toledo… But the Mudéjar Art in the region of Aragon has been awarded the Unesco World Heritage designation. The most important buildings are in Teruel and Zaragoza but there are also beautiful examples among other cities and little villages.


For students, is not always easy to reach these places; you need car, time and money…So what we did we do for lower costs on this trip? We arranged to work as volunteers in the village of Maluenda. We helped by cleaning up box rooms, helping the village´s people clean furniture, taking inventory, by taking notes and photograping liturgical ornaments at St. Mary’s parish.




San Antonio El Real, Segovia, Spain




We worked about four hours each day and then we traveled around the little villages of Valle del Jiloca ( Jiloca Valey). Here you have some images of the churchs of Maluenda, St. Mary, St. Justa, and St. Ruffina; The church of Morata de Jiloca, with the very nice chromatic effects between brick and pottery.



Morata de Jiloca, Aragon, Spain    
Santa María church in Maluenda, Aragon

Velilla de Jiloca is one of the smallest villages, but with a smart little church and inside a superb gothic altarpiece. 


Velilla de Jiloca, Aragon
We also enjoyed the beauty of Monasterio de Piedra with its park and waterfalls, and Daroca.


Monasterio de Piedra, Aragon
Monasterio de Piedra, Aragon


Then on the way home some visited Zaragoza. All these places are well worth to visiting so for more information, I recommended you visit these web sites:


  • Spain is culture. Here you can information about Mudejar art in all regions of Spain, and you can look for Mudéjar in the region of Aragon.
  • Turismo Calatayud also has English information available. Enjoy Spain, enjoy Mudéjar. Come to Spain!



Daroca, Aragon

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    22/09/2014 at 23:53

    They are wrong; in fact there are many countries in the Americas that have Mudejar architecture as Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, etc. Even in Portugal can find examples of this wonderful style.

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