An informal conference dinner about underwater heritage

During the year 2014 I met Elena and Antonio, the people in charge of Inversa a business focused on consulting and management of cultural heritage, whats more, Antonio also works as submariner on underwater archaeological explorations. This is something very new for people of Patrimonio Para Jóvenes!  It’s also a current issue after the successful exhibition held at the Fundación Museo Naval and Museo Arqueológico Nacional 
 In January 2015, we began a new activity: the conference dinner sessions,  the first one being about underwater heritage.
What is archaeology in general?
What’s the difference between archaeology and plundering? Does a professional archaeologist have anything to do with archaeologists from the movies such as perhaps the most famous one, Indiana Jones?

Antonio, with an excellent power-point presentation (perhaps a little prolix) explained techniques, risks of scuba diving and working with sunken ships and much more.
As an example, he talked about the flotsam Bou Ferrer (here you have a link in Spanish) Cosquer Cave and the very interesting underwater archeological park of Baiae as well as the Spanish museum Arqua and its function and activities.
During the day we had lunch at Sidrería Pil-Pil , a typical Navarra restaurant, and in the afternoon we visited the new museum of the University of NavarraOn behalf of the participants of the first conference dinner, I thank Elena and Antonio for coming and joining us! Looking forward to having you here again!!!!

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