Art and running in Burgos. Let’s go to the Hospital of the King

The Hospital del Rey (Hospital of the King  ) in Burgos is today the main building of this city’s university; great, smart, full of history and art but not very well-kown. Pilgrims pass through when following The Way of St. James, but tourists in general never arrive here, even if they visit the Monasterio de las Huelgas five minutes walking-distance from here.

Hospital del Rey

assing the lovely park, El Parral you can find this. If you go during a week day, you can walk inside, but if is a vacant period, perhaps you can only visit it from the outside, even in this case, it is well worth visiting,  a delightful walk and a delightful view.Today, in Patrimonio Para Jovenes, we have the pleasure of introducing all of you to a track team, in the charming space of the Hospital del Rey. We think that cultural heritage and art are good for meeting people. Furthermore, one year ago, I’d read at the educational area of The Art Institute of Chicago the slogan: “Learn  engage, enjoy”, and I think it works perfectly.

Around this stage, we met each other, and discussed the urgent need of some sponsor for the team. I presented them the Patrimonio Para Jovenes program, and we talked about all the buildings going to new uses. How many do you know in Burgos? Imaging you don’t know anything about, do you think it’s easy at first glance to guess why that building was built? Let’s think .. . is it easy to work in restoration? What do you think?
Hospital del Rey


We were talking also about future visits, activities and ideas. Meanwhile, as you see in the pictures, girls posed for us, each one telling us about her track event. Art, friendship, youth, sport, and a pleasant atmosphere together. Perhaps, the next day these girls in Burgos walk near this building they will look more carefully at the sculptures, ornaments, the color of the walls, and they will remember the day with Patrimonio Para Jóvenes , and perhaps they will also think, “Wow, … what beautiful university, much more beautiful than I’d seen it before…”

And this is the goal, going to enjoy and discover art, through an enjoyable, sociable experience.

Until the day you can come and visit Burgos and the region of Castilla y Leon, here you have the official tourism website.
See you next time and remember, you can follow us on facebook; Patrimonio para jóvenes.

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