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Some time ago, a pupil from the School of Art and Design in Burgos, presented a project called “Prayers” a design workshop based on the distance that mobiles create between young and not so young people. In the street, in bars, everywhere you can find people looking at the screen, it seems like people can neither look at eachother or around them anymore, María said. And with some kind of sense of humor, she also designed the Sculputures of the Burgos Cathedral with tablets.

Well, the problem is real, but in Patrimonio para jóvenes we look for the positive side of situations, or for some kind of solutions. Complaints don’t open doors ordo create a better future. We live in a time that needs solutions and hope. We don’t have everything, but at least, we will try to find some. And here you have our proposal, here the video as an opening for this new course which begins right now. Mobiles can also be a great instrument for sharing cultural heritage, beauty … and connecting human beings in the most positive sense. Think about the stunning advertising campaign of T-Mobile company, “Life’s for sharing” .

The team of Patrimonio para jóvenes doesn’t have thousands of euros for spending on audiovisual productions, but here you have the creativity and the impressive professional job of Clara Frago. Welcome again to Spain to enjoy our heritage with us, and enjoy “El patrimonio une”.

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