We are in a five stars hotel! are we crazy? what the hell are some of our students doing here? And …what does a hotel have to do with the heritage for youth? 

There are many reasons for this post.I´m going to explain some to you, but if you want to know more,   visit the hotel´s website, is also available in English or the blog

 To introduce this to you; have you ever heard about
the “fiesta” in Pamplona? About the Running of the Bulls or about Hemingway?
This hotel has to do with all these things.


“The Gran Hotel la Perla is not just a luxury
hotel”, the receptionist, historian and our friendly tour guide Fernando Hualde
Gállego explained in the second oldest hotel in Spain. To get luxury you just
need money, probably a lot of money, but no money is needed to learn of the
great history. And this hotel’s history is very close to the history of

This is what made this visit so important. It is
about much more than artistic heritage. Here we  keep in touch not only  with
material and immaterial heritage, but with history.
The hotel works hard in order to investigate
and spread its history. The staff has searched throughout the personal
testimonies from people of the past decades before the restoration (in the year
2007) of documents from the hotel itself, newspaper archives, and so on.
The Hotel la Perla is “a pretty and intriguing
story, in which bullfighters, musicians, politicians, athletes, kings, actors,
writers, sculptors and all sorts of characters intermingle. All have put in
their grain of sand; all have made it so that today we write the name of the
hotel in golden letters.” said Fernando Hualde in his blog. 

Visiting this hotel is a way to thank and
appreciate all of the effort, and once you visit you will not underestimate the
great value of the story of a community. We have learned about Hemingway, his
tastes, his personality, and his fondness for seeing the bullfighters…

I encourage you to visit the web and read the
blog. And then, if you come to Pamplona, and wish to visit the hotel, do not

Here you have a phone number 34948223000. and the e-mail address where you can
find more information about guided tours inside the hotel….

You can also follow it on FaceBook and on
twitter @Ghotellaperla

We hope to see you soon in Pamplona.
And if you want to know more about patrimonio para jóvenes, here you have our e-mail ; .

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