At San Gregorio Ostiense

Great landscape, beautiful sights, ethnography, the Spanish baroque style and its symbology, new people from different countries… we enjoyed all this together during our trip to San Gregorio Ostiense in the region of Navarra, Spain.

San Gregorio is a Basílica built as a result of the devotion of peasants in the region to Saint Gregorio. It is said he helped the people of the country by releasing them from the disturbance of insects harmful to crops. The Church we can see today was built during the second part of 17th century and the first half of 19th century. A great façade, an interior decorated in white, blue and gold colour, we can appreciate some signs of the symbology of the baroque.

Interior San Gregorio desde el fondo jpg





Built at the top of a hill, it is a symbol of the spirituality. Inside, light at the back of the church contrasts with the light in the area of the presbytery, a light that comes from the stunning dome in a great staging of decoration and theatrical effects very common during the baroque era.

This is a very interesting place to visit, not very easy to find if you don’t know about it, it’ s not one of the sites you would come across driving on the highway. Here you have more information from the official Website of Tourism of Navarra

San Gregorio y Sorlada vista coche JPG


What also made our visit so pleasant was the people. A great team with young professionals from Peru, Mexico, Spain, Iran, Colombia and Argentina; Heritage and culture helping to create new friends. This is one of our goals in Patrimonio Para Jóvenes, to meet people while enjoying the culture of our country. If you come to Spain, don’t forget visit Navarra.


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