At patrimonio para jóvenes we have never worked
before with scenic arts, but with the representation of the opera La Traviata,
(Verdi) in the congress center “Baluarte” gives us the opportunity to do so for
first time.
What do young people usually think about opera?
Perhaps something tantalizingly boring, with very well off, boring people who
pay a lot of money to the singers, and musicians, also fat, rich boring and
educated. So what if the theatre offered young people advantages when buying  tickets for the opera? Is it just a way to trick
So, in order to discover the opera, I asked the
manager of Baluarte Javier Lancuza, to
receive us, and he kindly agreed. 
We were attended by Javier himself and Nacho
who very kindly administered the tour. We saw the scenery, the great height of
the ceilings… We were surprised with the
“design of lights”. Every scene, explained Nacho, includes bulbs with
higher or lesser intensity. Going up and down means “to put strokes on the decorated scenery”, that can
give the spectator a very pleasant sensation or a great shock. The
color filter affects the clothing so the lighting director is obligated keep both the material of the costumes and scenery in mind. Now, at
Baluarte, explained Nacho again, the scenery of the Traviata is making lighting problems. There are many mirrors on
the stage and that causes difficulties with reflections
and flashes so you have to
study the scenery carefully.

Sound was also explained to us, and how to take
care to prevent sound reverberation.
And a very important point; security on the
stage  for the “apparitions” and special effects
that requires moving heavy structures
and involves great  surveillance from  technicians and stage managers. As a result of one mistake, an actor could be run
over by a ton of machinery.
Here you can see pictures from during our
visit. We also visited the dressing rooms where actors and singers get into
costume and make-up. 
One important point is to talk about the economical
effects of scenic arts. We can think that when buying a ticket, we pay the
singer, perhaps the musicians but we also saw ladies ironing, electricians, stage
managers, makeup artists… sound engineers, delivery staff which also means
trucks… then people at the cafeteria, wardrobe…
So it was a great visit in which we enjoyed and
experienced the spaces behind the scenes, and what kind of coordination and from
a lot people is necessary for ending up with a great show.
If you come to Pamplona, check out the program
of performances at Baluarte. There are so many concerts and ballets. Even if you
don´t speak Spanish, it doesn’t matter. Music is a universal language. Hope to
see you in a concert, opera, or dance performance.
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