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María is a girl from Burgos, pupil at the EASD ( Art and design high school of Burgos) she likes fashion, she designs, she is an athlete an more… she loves her family. The first time she captured my attention was through “a tweet” on twitter. With this picture of a couple of bowls of milk she wrote : “Living abroad is not an excuse to not say good morning to grandpa and grandma everyday”
But what has been a wonder to me is her project “Prayers”A small collection of clothing and patterns inspired by the fact of new technologies an as a complaint of the dependence and addiction we have with mobiles phones. All of this with some sense of humour. Another aspect that fascinated me was her workshop on textile illustration, where she was inspired on the colours and shapes of Burgos Cathedral.
I asked her for a collaboration with Patrimonio para jóvenes and show us a little of the beauty of her city ( and mine!) . On a very cold day they went for a walk and had “shooting” session. Not only did we see the facade of Sarmental, the most famous because is the  access point for tourist, but also the main entrance courtyard of the museum of Burgos ( a very interesting, cheep museum and not very well known) and “Arcos of Castilfalé” at “Isla” promenade.
We also explored the ruins of the old monastery of St John, nowadays museum of Marceliano Santa Maria a painter from Burgos. All these pictures were taken as a reflection of the way we travel. What do we want when travelling? Are we merely rushing from site to site, looking for the most famous tourist spots in order to say “I’ve been there” and take a selfie, without really appreciating the monument or taking time to reflect? Today we have little time to take interest in discovering and enjoying the places that are not tourists hot spots.
We have to take a chance and explore things that open us up to find great beauty, great interest, great peace, perhaps even a great price but always unknown and adventure worthy. Please, when travelling, discover the beauty, discover the people, the country, don’t use monuments as a fairground or to visit simply because they are on your to do list!
Thaks María and friends for your collaboration and looking forward to having you in Navarra as soon as possible!

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