Should I talk about our visit to Los Condestables Chapel in terms of History of Art? I don’t think so. The Chapel is well known, it’s famous for artists such as Simon de Colonia, Felipe Vigarny, Gil and Diego de Siloé; everything well explained during the visit to the Cathedral of Burgos by the tour guides or the audio-guides that you can get when buying the entrance tickets.

But what if I say this chapel was the stunning space for a master class conducted by José Antonio Gárate for some of the participants from different cities in the project of Patrimonio Para Jóvenes? What if I say that during this visit we also met contemporary artist as Sergio Rodrigo and we had a extraordinary experience of beauty, harmony peace, when looking carefully at the vault, the architecture, the altarpieces and sculptural tombs?

And furthermore, just because our visits are always made in detail, not in a hurry, not with the idea of seeing everything, we made a kind of discovery. (Specifically Sergio and Maria did). They found the relationship between the representation of a monster on a capital base with a horn, wings, lack of arms, a raptor’s foot, an eye on its knee and double sex, with a monster featured in a story called “The Monster of Ravenna”. What this story has to do with the entrance to this chapel dedicated to the Purification of the Virgin Mary is something our team has started to research thoroughly, with the help of specialists.

This is the last blog post until next September. A wonderful and a extraordinary end… Have a good summer!

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