Having fun on The Way of St James

Here we are again! A new school year has just begun and the blog as well, (although this year I can not write in it every week).


The way of St James in Navarra is a World heritage site , perhaps this means nothing to you, but you are invited here today to discover the beauty of the streets of the village of Cirauqui full of stone houses, flowers… the interesting façade of St. Roman’s church, so similar to those at Puente la Reina and San Pedro de la Rua in Estella. But,,, what a shame it doesn’t have the same conservation. In Estella San Pedro is restored, in Cirauqui, we can see how some drawings on the stone are almost lost as well as some sculptures.

SAn Roman de Cirauqui vista inclinada

Humidity and dirt on this façade contrast with the superb conditions of the one in Estella. Cirauqui also has an interesting roman road and a beautiful bridge you can see when walking as a pilgrim.

After a walk around Ciruaqui, we visited an artist’s house, Navarran painter, Antonio Laita’s. That day was the opening of the new exhibition “Stones, clays and colour” . We went with girls from the Dominican Republic , Peru and Moldovia, all of us very surprised by how Antonio paints such nice, cute works on stone. Being able to talk with an artist is a great opportunity, listening to him directly about his feelings, way of working, hopes and fears… , jokes. All of this we enjoyed with a great snack , friendly people and the exotic mixture of the works of Antonio where you can find typical landscapes from Navarra as well as the intensity of light from Marruecos, a country where Antonio use to spend some months during the year.

Piedras de Laita

Being in such a nice place, with young people from different countries, studies, and interests, is a great satisfaction for our program, Patrimonio Para Jóvenes. Thanks for joing us or at least for reading our posts!

Todos con Antonio Laita JPG



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