If museums bore you, this blog is for you

If museums bore you, if you think that visiting the old part of a city is a pain, this is your place .

Have you had bad experiences? Have you put up with dull tour guides that spit out data that’s impossible to retain and plus, it doesn’t interest you at all?

You’ve probably never gone to a museum or a set of historical monuments of a city, but nor do you want to go .”Museums” sounds like a cemetery of works of art to you and you’re not interested in cemeteries of art. Here we’ll see how little by little many museums have changed the way of spreading their collections, created websites, and become meeting points and cultural dialogue, incorprtated new technology and connect with the public through social networks.
Two smaples already in this blog are places that are so unlike with collecctions so unique such as Diocesan Museum of Jaca in Aragón and Vivanco Museum of Wine culture . But there are so much more.There are young people, as well, with creativity and an innovative spirit that have got touristic initiatives in motion revolved around artistic-historic heritage of their villages and cities. We will invite them here to tell their experiences as  an important piece of information; in not few occassions have jobs positions been generated.

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