Jonathan Vilches, Diocesan Museum of Jaca award

Every year Patrimonio para jóvenes gives a prize to someone who stands out because of their atitude, questions, participation during our activities. Last year Maria Oderiz was the winner because of her participation with a post on this blog  about her trip to  Teruel.This year the winner is Jonathan, a 26-year-old who works in a factory near  the city of Pamplona in Spain. Last August we worked cleaning up the interior of a tower, removing pigeon excrements and so on . After some hours working, we were taking a break, sitting in front of an old picture when he asked me : How do we know a painting is art and not just a painting?  And When do we know if its whorthwhile to restore a painting or not? And day after day, he continued asking interesting questions.
So, because of his curiosity, his desire to learn and discover new things,  he has this year’s Diocesan Museum of Jaca award. With the award he and a guest of his choice have an invitation to visit this museum. The Museum of Jaca has a beatiful collection of Romanic art with very interesting paintings of this style.



There, at Jaca, the very kind staff of the museum is waiting for him, and I’m sure Jonathan will really enjoy it. And now, on behalf of  the staff of Patrimonio Para Jóvenes I want to send my best wishes to Jonathan and encourage him to push himself toward higher and higher goals each day.
Good luck Jonathan!

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