Learning how to behave in a museum.A visit with children

Anyone who normally reads this wed might think that with regard to the region of La Rioja, it looks like as if only Briones and
Bodegas Vivanco exist. But of course, there are many more places to visit. So what’s going on? When people close to me read the posts they say, “We want to here or there!” and “Everybody loves Briones!”

Some weeks ago a good number of families wanted to go with their children, children of very different ages.


Upon arriving, one of my closest friends there, and a staff member of the educational department, Marta Merino, gave us a gift, a tour for children, a Gymkana at the museum. Games about agriculture, industry, history, trade, … simple, short, well done and with a great opening page with a good question: “Have you ever been in a museum?” So the guide explained to the
kids where they were, what a museum is for! Such important facts! Indeed, very important.

Education in general has already gone a long way toward games, experimentation movement …but, perhaps, too far?


Children must know the rules, a museum is not an amusement park or just the forest, they must know the difference between the didactic area and the one w artworks are exhibited. Sometimes with regard to  contemporary art, some time
boundaries are unclear such as with the installations of Toshiko Horiuchi (some of which I show here, but this is not the case at the  Vivanco Museum 

The great achievement of this tour made by the educational department of Vivanco is that it allows children to play at the museum and have fun discovering while practicing the rules and behavior everybody must follow.

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