Jaca Diocesan Museum about which we have spoken in others posts here,
was closed in 2003. It reopened after seven years with a great transformation in
order to exhibit a medieval collection with the needs and methods of the 21st
century. It is also located close to ski slopes, so it can be supposed that there
are a lot of people around during the winter, and even in the summer because of
the beauty of the Pyrenees and the Way of St. James, and perhaps these people
visit the museum.  Well, maybe. But the
very young staff working in this museum is not satisfied with that and they are
always looking for more; conferences, courses, a very active role in social
networks, and a recent crowdfunding activity are achieving more knowledge all
over the world about the diocesan museum of Jaca
Today you
have an example with this activity for children aged between 4 and 7 years old.
This workshop was carried out in two different times and had 40 children in
total. What did they do? First, they looked carefully at the medieval instruments
represented on the capitals in the museum, second, they listened to the sounds
and again observed the instruments in a small room dedicated to medieval music ,
and last but not least! They made a medieval “salaterio” Here you can see photos
from the museum during this day.

The activity
was also cheep, around 2 euros, in order to pay for the materials to make the
musical instruments. This activity was also developed with the collaboration of
families and schools in Jaca. 

important fact; People from Jaca, and people who live there, feel the museum
and the cathedral are a part of their culture and life, and this aids in the success.
 If you want more information about the museum; 
If you want more information about patrimonio para jóvenes, .

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