There are
so many great moments with patrimonio para jovenes.  It makes me so happy, even if I have to work
hard on this project.  Up until recently, most of the
participants have been born in the ‘80s and ‘90s, some of them even born in the
late of ‘70s. With María Oderiz, with a Mum from Aragon and father from
Navarra, we welcome those born in the 2000.
She was
going to spend some Christmas days in Teruel. 
But before she went there, I proposed to her that she organize an excursion
to the mudejar. ( If you wish to know more about this you can read about
mudejar tours on
I also asked her to talk about the cultural
heritage “turolense”. I think she has done very well. Everything you are going
to read is written by her. She is also the photographer of the photos and has
selected the links to the websites. I hope you enjoy reading! My happiness
can´t be greater! Here we go with Maria´s work:
“When I was asked to write briefly about the
Mudéjar art in Teruel I asked myself, how to do it? Not because there were few
buildings in this style, but because there is so much. If you walk around this
town, you can see a lot of mudejar details… Buildings, balconies ornaments, ceramics,
street letterheads…

 My choice was the two towers most famous in Teruel and
about them there is a nice beautiful legend. I´m talking about San Martin and
San Salvador towers.
The legend said that the two towers were built
for two architects. Both of them wanted to married a beautiful young lady. She
said she would marry to the one who reached to build the best tower. At the end
she married to the architect of San Salvador, because San Martin tower was slightly
inclined. The architect of San Martin killed himself diving from his own tower.
You can read the legend here:
This is only a legend, but I have to say both
towers are stunning and from the bell tower of San Salvador you can see all the
town of Teruel. At San Salvador tower we met Diego Hernandez the man in charge
of this site who was very friendly with us and demonstrated a great interest
about the project “Patrimonio para jóvenes”(heritage for youth) .Thanks a lot
Diego! Here you have the web:
I visited the tower with my cousins and my
brother. We enjoyed taking pictures and trying to listen to the echoes from
other old times…

 Can you see the inclined tower
of San Martin?
I was also asked to talk about some typical
shops in Teruel. My choice was Muñoz pastry, but I could have talked about
Ferran, a clothing store founded in 1820 and located in a modernist building at
“Plaza del torico” the most famous square in Teruel. Here is a link:
At Teruel besides ham and cured meat, are
typical the “regañaos” – a salted muffin with ham, bacon, sardines and pepper. We
had a brief at Muñoz and we eat “regañaos” which I recommend to you. I don´t
know anyone who does not like them-

Here you can see me with my brother and cousins
eating “regañaos” Here you have the website of Muñoz:
At the tourist office we were very well
attended and they proposed to us a lot of opportunities (even discounts) in
order to enjoy Teruel and the Mudejar
I cannot finish this post without talking about
“the lovers of Teruel”, probably one of the best symbols of the city.  It deserves another visit to discover the
mausoleum of lovers, and the tragedy of Diego and Isabel.

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