Have you ever been on the way of St James walking as a pilgrim? If you were, for how long? Did you arrive to Santiago de Compostela?

And if you weren´t ,would you like to come? There are a huge reasons for coming; Religion, meeting people ,enjoying the landscape, sport, tourism..Walk alone or with friends ,but with time, peace, sometimes silence…Moments to think about yourself ,your life…if you are succeessful, what to do with your success? If you ´re not reaching your goals, what to do now? And… what if your life is not a failure even if you think it is? …All this and much are make it whorthwhile to come on The Way …
Today, one week before Easter, in Patrimonio para jóvenes we introduce you to Roncesvalles ,the beginning of The Way in Spain, and I talk about Roncesvalles as an exemple of how heritage is also a matter not only of culture, history and art, but has to do with economy, exchange of cultures and development of bussines and jobs for young people. Last summer I wrote in same way about Alcalá de Henares (Spanish and English version available) 
Here you can see a journalist of Spanish TV broadcasting in Roncesvalles talking about the way. 
Not only pilgrims come to Roncesvalles, but also students or tourists interested in art and history 
This means there are needs for cafeterias and restaurants, and there are people who arrive by car but thousands arrive by bus, which also means bus drivers…
Today, as an example, I want to introduce you to HOTEL RONCESVALLES  and and their staff, with Elena Arostegui in charge of the hotel;there are 25 employees, some of them very young
In summer, the number of employees could be even larger. 
Here you have some links , pictures of the lovely hotels and apartments Roncesvalles and its people.
At the colegiata if you are a student, and you like to work as a volunteer, because you speak different languages, you have the possibility for a great international experience in a beatiful landscape, and to meet people from all over the world. If you want more information about conditions for accommodations and son on, please keep in touch .
Now Easter is coming and very quickly the end of the academic year for university students. May and June are months for hard work and exams. Meanwhile, Patrimonio para jóvenes, carries on with new contacts, thinking about new contests, acitvities and public. Always looking gor new ways, and happy to hear your suggestions here; .subject; suggestions. 
In some weeks I´m going to meet some of you in Chicago, and I hope  there will be more international activities through 2014.
 After this post, I´m going to take two weeks for holidays. Patrimonio is on twitter;  @pilarmce
On facebook ; and you can also visit us on pinterest (Patrimonio jóvenes)

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