St Mary, Los Arcos, giving color to The Way of St James

When talking about the Way of St James we think about routes, hostels for pilgrims, advice , maps, artistic heritage, inspiration for artists especially painters touched by the natural wealth and colors through different times of the year. Sculptures such as monuments to pilgrims and so on.

Today we want to introduce you to an “Explosion of color” not in the countryside but inside a church: The village, Los Arcos, the Church St Mary .

In an animated square full of pilgrims having lunch or dinner on the “terrazas” you have the church of St  Mary. With majestic size, an atrium and façade you still can not imagine what you are going to see inside.

A stunning baroque setting full of colors and forms, a beautiful Spanish organ an this is why we’ve called this activity for the team of Patrimonio para jóvenes “Baroque explosion” We were talking just a little about the history of the church and thinking how you feel when you see it . Can you tell the differences you’ve found with other churches in different styles we have visited? Do you prefer a Medieval one, or Renaissance or other and why? 

What do you think about the altarpiece? Team were also asked to describe what they’ve seen and discover the meaning Look for the Virgin Mary, apostles and saints a full exercise of observation. What are the main characters like? We tried to discover the relationships between space an faith, devotion and art and the power of the images during the baroque period.

And for finishing nothing better tan a real explosion of color so I passed out raffle tickets for a paintball game.

Hopping the winners enjoy I wouldn’t done and take photos during the game ahhh!

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