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Gustavo de Maeztu Museum


International Museum Day 2024


Years ago, at the very beginning of Patrimonio para Jovenes, some families joined our activities with their children and these children are not children anymore.

Currently, they are an important part of our content creation team. As an example, in the photo you can see Carlos Odériz 10 years ago.


Carlos is now a Psychology student. At the end of 2023 he was chosen as our association’s representative to prepare the event of International Museum Day 

He was enthusiastic about the proposal and look where he is now!

   Museums for Education and Research

This was the motto for 2024. Our proposal: under a watchful eye, museums are an ideal place to delve into any area of knowledge in which one is interested.

So, we proposed to Carlos that he analyse the permanent exhibition and, from the perspective of his interests as a Psychology student, choose a series of artworks to analyse character traits and themes.

He had been given very few guidelines. He had a lot of freedom to choose and organize his speech. Among the guidelines: that his presentation didn’t last more than 40 minutes, that he did something very personal, that his presentation and the moment created, were something unique. That he created an experience. “Data is forgotten, stories remain” was our mantra.

Carlos dispensed with the works in which faces are a prototype and took the visitors up to the second floor, which is an area of the museum with beautiful drawings, however, it is often forgotten by public.

Among the chosen works, this image that is seen above and the following one are of the actress Vera Vergani.

Vera Vergani

Some information about her is available in Spanish on Gustavo de Maeztu Museum website.

Carlos also talked about different self-portraits of Maeztu, and here you can see one of them.

Autorretrato de Gustavo de Maeztu


It was a lovely morning, full of good moments. Many people from Estella and Pamplona attended, as well as Carlos’s friends and family. Some people were visiting this museum for the first time and for us it was a great joy to be the cause of this discovery.

Público durante la visita en el Día Internacional de los Museos

Everybody applauded a lot at the end and many stayed asking Carlos questions and discussing ideas that arose around his presentation. Everything that a face, a gesture, a look or any other element of body language shows may spark new conversations.

Iniciio de la visita

For Carlos this was a very personal experience, which allowed him to create an affective bond with the portraits he had chosen. This was also the case of the experience lived by the students from Soria and their activity Proyecto Vozmediano. You can read about it in Spanish here.

We are very happy about this experience and we hope to keep enjoying this and other museums for many years to come.