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The story of a grafitti

When this project Patrimonio para jovenes began some years ago, I never would have imagined we would sponsor street art, like the graffiti I have the great pleasure to show all of you here today.

It all started with a visit last June in Burgos to the Chapel of Condestable at the Cathedral. I had the hance to meet Sergio Rodrigo and had a chat about his hobbies, as a graffiti artist… and then we ended up with this happy event. Meetings, emails, signed documents, permissions and so on have been the road to this end. Enjoy the pictures!

scaffolding 2

Sergio and Gabriel made this graffiti at the little village of Vivar del Cid , very close to the city of Burgos. You have a link with information about the Cid here

The graffiti was made by the two boys. They began last weekend but due to the rain they had to postpone the painting. They will probably finish up during these days (depending on the weather)

The wall measures 10×6 meters, so they have to use scaffolding and harnesses.

Sentados en el andamio JPG

As you can see on their website they have painted in streets of Burgos and have done some works for bars and shops. We are so happy to sponsor the boys, and from this blog we encourage them to keep working and going everyday in a higher and higher level of professional formation in order to get closer each day to becoming the great artists and getting the recognition they deserve.

Good luck boys! We hope to continue talking about you on this blog!