Villalibado (Burgos, Spain) Recover territory, people and heritage

If you want to come to Spain  and enjoy beaches, typical Spanish tapas in Andalusia or on the Mediterranean coast, or just listen to flamenco, stop reading. Did you know that interior part of Spain is a big museum full of castles, monasteries, palaces, cute little villages..? This can be great, but sometimes, too many times, it´s a problem. It´s challenging and expensive to maintain, restore, and make use of such an enormous amount of buildings. In fact, do yu want to by a castle? Check out in Spain, you can choose castles for sale.
Almost similar  is the situation with little villages, they end up abandoned , or with two or 3 people living during the winter. This was happened to Villalibado (Burgos) twenty years or so ago. A village close to places with great artistic heritage (They Way of St James, the Burgos Cathedral, Sasamon, Olmillos de Sasamon and more..) with two inhabitans a pair of brothers who some years ago ran a chicken farm surrounded by empty houses, many of them in ruins.
And … what does all of this have to do with a blog focused on spreading artistic heritage among young people? Well, today Villalibado is rebuilt , born again thanks to a young project, full of strength, joy and hope.
Juan Ansótegui teacher, sculptor and graduate in Fine Arts, has been working with his brothers and friends and today Villalibado has new houses ready to be rented to families with children or families who want to have a big reunion, teams who want to study , organize little conventions, cultural acts… days for studying hard or days for relaxing .. enjoy the silence, travel around the interesting area , and without having to spend too much money , you can cook your own food because you have your own kitchen.
Have a look at the pictures and compare how houses were and how houses are right now. Forgetting a territory, abandoning it, is to forget its history, to forget little by little the identity of a country . and the opposite, to recover a territory is to recover heritage, helping people to come back and help villages their great histories , great monuments and great landscapes.
This is a story of heritage and people, Patrimonio para jóvenes is not a blog just about trips, or just my experiences or my opinions and beliefs. Its a blog full of life, a demostration that heritage and people go together. Check out the link lasdevilladiego, discover the full story and enjoy the hidden Spain.

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