Who Are We


Pilar Martínez ArceJournalist and graduate in Art Studies at the University of Navarra. Of Burogs by birth Navarran by adoption. She has worked in various media, especially radio. She has lived in half of Spain allowing her to cross it in its entirety from a very young age. She is thrilled to communicate heritage and make art and cultural heritage serve as bridges and points of communication between people. She is responsible for the content in social networks. maintains the project’s Facebook page, writes in the blog, and in Twitter. Curiously, she met the secretary of the association when she gave her classes in a creative writing workshop. And as it is that as Pilar likes to be always learning, it is common to find people who have given her classes and are much younger than she.

Verónica Quintanilla CrespoArchitect, specialist in Architectural Restoration and Rehabilitation at the University of Navarra Master in Architectural Restoration from the University of Valladolid, and doctoral student at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, research line: late Gothic medieval palaces in Navarre.

In 2005 she created, along with Joaquin Torres Ramo, their architecture firm dedicated exclusively to the restoration of monuments and assets (www.restauraciondepatrimonio.es).

Her work includes: Action Plan for the restoration of the Fortifications of Pamplona (Finalist awards AADIPA 2013), restoration of much of the fortified complex of Pamplona (Europa Nostra Award 2012) as the ravelin of San Clara and outer defenses, ravelin of Santa Lucia and its outer defenses, Ravelin of San Roque, …, restoration of the facade of the Cathedral of Pamplona, restoration of the medieval bridge of Aoiz, restoration of the Palace of Equisoain (COAVN awards finalist 2013), rehabilitation of House of the Brotherhood of San Gregorio Ostiense in Sorlada consolidation Palace Cabo de of the Armory of Olza, …


Julia Fernandez TellecheaBachelor of Law and a degree in Philology, she teaches high school Spanish Language and Literature. She has spent eight years occupying a place in Linguistics and social branch at the Institute Julio Caro Baroja in Pamplona, from where she has noticed t the detachment of young people for their cultural and artistic heritage. She is engaged in humanistic education, and is particularly committed to the basic culture: not only does she strive to present and interpret the heritage to young people, but also to foster creativity, for which she has spent ten years teaching at the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of Navarra.


Jorge Lafuente del CanoDegree in History from the University of Oviedo, BA in Journalism from the University of Valladolid and Doctor in History with international mention by the latter University. His doctoral thesis focuses on the figure of the former Prime Minister Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo and his relationship with Europe. Jorge is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Economic Analysis and Economic History and Ecnomic Institutions at the University of Valladolid. Avid sports fan and follower of Real Oviedo. He has helped to “put legs” on the Heritage project for young people since its inception.


Jose Antonio Garate Alcalde

José Antonio has a degree in Humanities (with a specialty in Heritage) from the University of Burgos and a Masters degree in Assessment and Management of Historic and Artistic Heritage from the University of Salamanca. He has workd at the Cathedral of Burgos since 2003 and works with several national monuments and museums.


Jose Luis RequenaDoctor in Art History from the University of Navarra (2012) with the thesis “Princeps Monachorum: Art and Iconography of Saint John the Baptist in the Spanish Baroque Period, directed by Professor Ricardo Fernandez Gracia. He is currently an associate professor in the Master’s Degree of Art Market and related companies of Antonio Nebrija University of Madrid, both occupations making it compatible to work additionally as a cataloguer of old nineteenth-century paintings and Fernando Durán auction in the same city. His research focuses on Iconography and European Baroque painting.


Clara Frago DazaDegree in Film Radio and Televsion from the University of Navarra (2015) and is currently working at AcP (Adolescents with personality). She has been in charge, since the summer of 2014, of the photography and the videos Patrimonio Para Jóvenes project. She has her own web page, www.clarafrago.com She has been director of photography on the short film “Routine” which was presented as the final degree project in her final year. Where one works surprises. Creativity, tenacity and perfectionism are characteristic of the way she works and from here we can only say, Thanks, and happy professional career!


Marianne CavanaghDegree in Film Radio and Television from the University of Navarra, (2015). English text editing and translation. She is also the project’s international correspondent in the United States.