Why we jumped


At the beginning of the summer,  on twitter, Cristina Parbole,  sent out a very original invitation on twitter;  Jump around Romanesque art. I appreciate Cristina and proher radio programLa Huella Románica”  @LaHuellaRomnica even if I don’t always I agree with her opinions or manners of expressing them. I thought this idea about jumping was a brilliant one and I asked girls and boys who participate in my project of Patrimonio Para Jovenes to please jump! And they did.


Some inconvenienes: The photographs aren’t always that great. All these people are very friendly but not all of them are good photographers, and the places where they jumped are OK but not ( with perhaps the exception of San Isidoro at Leon Castilla y Leon) the most important when talking about Romanesque art. They jumped just where they could, and more; sometimes they jumped close to the Gothic or the rococo palaces, but all the same, they jumped!!


When the foreign press (especially the British one) has been written this summer  about Spain as if it were a big brothel, we want to invite everybody to join young people in Spain who study, spend their summer working as fellows in museums, tourism offices.. . just for learning more and more… there are volunteers helping in slums, summer schools and camps…Here you have them…jumping because of their joy and their will of building a better world.In Spain during the summer we have nice festivals in the middel of the peninsula in the little and hidden villages, all of you are very welcome to join us, enjoy our weather, our nights with dances, and singing, sangria and “tapas” but without losing our dignity.


The example of Magaluf is not the exemple of Spain. We have all the bad things you want say, as all the countries, no one is perfect. But we have great things to offer and show to the world. This is why we jumped, as a little symbol of joy, happiness and hope in our country and the conservation and enjoyment of its artistic heritage.Join us and jump!!!


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