When I first started The Art of Involvement,I never imagined it was going to be as what it turned out to be. When I was working on this idea in Pamplona, I wrote to different people from other parts of Spain in order to generate some similar activities in museums, monuments, little historic villages and son on. From Palencia a little town in Castilla and Leon in northern Spain (two hours away from Madrid and close to Valladolid , the capital of Castilla and Leon) Laura Lucas , a teacher of History of Art sent me a brilliant proporsal; a visit with mentally disable students to the Museum of Palencia in the area dedicated to Rome. When I read Laura’s idea I said, yes!I loved this project because it keeps attention on the values of solidarity and the dignity of the human being.Whatsmore,Laura helps to spread the knowledge of a «great little museum»,where she wanted work in one area, Rome, considering the time for the activity, the understanding and the attention span of the students.
At the Roman area, you can find objects from different aspects of ordinary life; cooking utensils, hair ornaments, tombstones,tiles, columns and so on.In order to help the students to understand the collection ,Laura prepared a kind of logbook for them to work with. Each one had to focus on a specific area, housing,clothing, society…They even watched some videos and ate some «roman»cake ( I don´t know the recipe, ask Laura about it!)
Upon arriving to the museum ,they performed a kind of show. Each student represented a character, had to say who he was ,where he lived and explain the objects of everyday life. They also looked for a treasure in the museum. At the entrance, when they arrived Laura recalled the roles of the game.You can see more pictures in the Spanish version of this post. Here I want you to enjoy others from the middle age area
In regards to Palencia,I have to say it is not a nice place right at the first glance.Not well organized in its modern urbanization and with the railway passing through the city, you might say…what is this..?But Palencia hides superb buildings and churches you have to discover by walking around

It is also the perfect place for filming a movie. You nedd  an old cafe and old book shop or something with mysterious atmosphere? you have everything you need!


Here you have some sights from Palencia, enjoy them and if you need more information or advice if you want to travel to Palencia, don´t hesitate to contact me 


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