Catedral de Cuenca/Molly´s report about Cuenca…¡Y nos esperan en Cuenca!

last two days in Cuenca have been absolutely incredible! I wish there
were words or even photos to be able to describe the sentation of awe
that it transmits.Everything from the people,the
history,tradition,nature.The charm of this city is a comination of
everything.Especially at night you see the city from below hanging off
the  rocks that are illuminated in different shades of yellow and pinks
you feel you are in a fairy tale.I cannot even imagine how much
incredible it will become in holy week.I think we are so lucky to be
able to be admitted into this city and experience the authentic
                Molly Kane.

Here, in the middle of the rain, various guys from Cuenca
that have gone to the bridge of San Pablo to send their greetings of welcome to
all the people of Heritage for the Youth.
To all the people that are in Cuenca working for us, to
Mercedes and her family, Carmen in Tourism, the host families, all those
interested by the project, our most sincere thank you.

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  • Responder
    24/03/2013 at 18:43

    Thanks for your words Molly Kane. A pleasure that people like you visit our city and also "Heritage for the Youth". (Cuenca Es Única)

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